Cameleon System


The Cameleon System is a versatile way to build a light fixture personalized for your interiors…

Ideal for Pitched Roofs, High Ceilings or a Statement Light Fixture…

Drop your cables at different heights, combine contrasting shades, build a Track System with the Cameleon Adapter Ctls/Profile, make design bedside lamps, the possibilities are endless…Start designing your personalized lighting tailored to your needs.

The solution to illuminate multiple spaces with only one electrical point available…

How it works? CHOOSE + BUY + ASSEMBLE

  1. Choose elements to create a perfectly functional lamp
  2. Buy the correct amount of Cameleon:
    • Canopy
    •  Suspension
    • Fixing
    • Shades
    • Bulbs
  3. Assemble and Install your Light fixture according to the user’s manual.


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